Turf Laying Bunbury

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Turf Laying

A fresh new lawn will make your landscape more appealing and relaxing. What’s great about turf laying is your lawn will get an instant beauty and makeover without having to go through the hassle of grass seeding which takes about 6 to 12 months before having a matured lawn. Even though turf laying is the more expensive option, most homeowners are choosing convenience over the hassle and time-consuming process of seeding.

Turf laying is not a simple job. When choosing the best grass for your lawn, you need to consider the condition of the soil in your garden because each grass grows differently in certain areas. You also need to consider the length, texture, thickness and look of the grass that you want. If you don’t want natural grass, we offer synthetic and artificial grasses.

As a leading company, we offer high-quality turf laying services. Our turf laying experts will guide you in choosing the best grass for your lawn. Although, we will mostly consider your personal preferences. We will just give professional advice on how we can work out and improve your plans and visions.

turf landscaping being cared by Bunbury Landscaping




Quality Workmanship

Above all else, Bunbury Landscaping values professionalism, quality, and top-notch workmanship. All our builders and installers have a proven track record to develop their skillsets and learn innovative techniques to provide you with the best service possible.

Only The Best Materials

We maintain a high level of quality with everything that we do. This is the reason why we only use premium and standard-compliant materials in all our projects to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. We also have state-of-the-art tools and equipment to help our builders and installers do more!

Competitive Pricing Model

Our goal as a business is to provide low-cost and high-quality garden and landscape solutions to the people of Bunbury. That is why we have developed our best pricing model to accommodate alternatives that will bring down the cost without compromising the quality of our work.


Aside from laying fresh and new turf, we also do re-turfing services. Are you starting to notice that your lawn has weeds already? If you think your lawn is not as good as it looks before, you might need to re-turf your lawn.

We have several turf options that you can choose from to replace your old and tired-looking lawn. For a successful turf laying project, we will remove the old lawn and make sure that we remove all weed material to avoid re-infesting the new lawn.


Your new lawn increases the value and appeal of your home. Knowing how to properly care for it will make it last longer and remain one of the best assets of your home. Maintaining your lawn is easy, You just have to mow and remove more than ⅓ of the height of the grass.
Fertilizers or chemicals might be needed after some time depending on the kind of grass you chose and the type of soil and climate you have in your area.


Turf laying should be left to do by the professionals. Installing turf is not easy and will require a lot of patience and time. if you have no experience in turf laying, you won’t be able to accomplish the job accurately. That’s why the best option is to hire an experienced contractor to help you out with this project.

Here at Bunbury Landscaping, we make sure to properly and accurately install your turf to improve the look of your lawn. Our landscapers have notable years of experience in turf laying. We guarantee that you’ll never go wrong in choosing us. We put importance on our customers. That’s why we keep open communication to make sure we meet each one’s expectations for our customer’s to be extremely satisfied with our services.