All You Need to Know About Artificial Grass

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Whether you’re planning to upgrade your lawn or build a new home, the grass is one of the important features to add to your yard. You can either choose live natural grass or artificial grass. Both are great options but the final decision will still depend on your needs and other contributing factors.

An artificial grass resembles natural grass and it is used for many years. It is made of plastic and looks vibrant all throughout the year. To give you more idea about artificial grass, we listed its pros and cons.

The Benefits of an Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has lots of benefits. Not to mention the convenience it offers. You won’t need to mow, cut, or trim it. Here are some benefits:

Helps conserve water

Easy to install

Does not need to be watered like live grass

Looks good no matter what season

No poisonous materials were used during the manufacturing of synthetic grass

Since fake grass doesn’t “grow”, there won’t be grass pollen which makes an artificial grass non-allergic

No harmful chemicals residue because artificial grass does not require any fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides.

It can be used in various applications because of artificial grass is versatile

A safer option for your family and the environment

Artificial grass is extremely durable and can withstand almost everything

High-quality artificial grass has high returns on investment because it eliminates the cost of maintenance

Pet-friendly. Dogs won’t be able to dig a hole in it. It’s hygienic and urine won’t affect it. Animal waste can easily be cleaned using water and detergent

The Drawbacks of an Artificial Grass

Before deciding if artificial grass works for you, here are some of the drawbacks you might have ti deal with:

The cost of installation can be more expensive than other types. However, a quality turg and a professional installation will ensure that your artificial grass will last longer.

It may take longer to install compared to natural grass

Reduces the biodiversity in your yard because it is made of plastic

You might need to replace the antishock layer and infill material after a few years

The crumb rubber used in the infill process includes harmful chemicals

Needs to be sanitised because artificial grass can host bacteria

It kills off soil life underneath the turf during the installation process. The side effect of this is you might not be able to switch to living grass or plants sooner or later


After reading this article, do you think that artificial grass will work for you? Even though artificial grass offers lots of benefits, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea—and that’s okay! There are different types of turfs out there, anyway.

Here at Bunbury Landscaping, we specialise in laying turf. We have a wide variety of turfs to choose from. We make sure that our turfs are high-quality to make sure that they will last longer. Our turf experts are experienced and professionally trained in installing turf. If you have any questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!