Choosing Between Flagstone and Paver Patios

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If you are looking to have a patio installed on your property, there are plenty of options to select from when it comes to designing it. From the general style to the materials to be used, there is no shortage of choices that come with this outdoor feature.

For a material that can provide a natural look to the patio, you will want to consider either flagstones or pavers. Either material offers a list of benefits for your patio with different features. Should you find yourself torn in choosing between the two, however, there are different considerations that can help with this.

How to Choose Between A Flagstone or Paver Patio

Depending on the type of patio you are aiming to have, either flagstone or pavers can help provide a natural aesthetic with durable quality. If you find yourself having to choose between the two, you will want to have the following in mind:


Both materials offer their own variety of style options and can be eye-catching in different ways. With flagstone, the first thing to understand is that it is a common term that is used to refer to natural stone, includes bluestone, sandstone, limestone, travertine, and slate. It can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and provide an option to be creative with patterns. Pavers on the other hand, while also providing a range of designs and materials, offer a more uniform look for easier installation.


As a natural type of material flagstone holds a higher chance of lasting longer when used as a patio material. When it comes to maintenance, it does not require as much outside of regular cleaning to prevent possible damage. If anything, you will want to pay more attention to the mortar that is holding the material together. Pavers, on the other hand, can last just as long with the proper sealing care and maintenance. While there can be a time that pavers can end up shifting or damaged, they are relatively easy to replace and general work well against different elements.


The cost of either material can end up depending on the type of either one. Generally, however, pavers provide the more affordable option due to the lesser amount of labour involved. Most often than not you’ll find that higher costing materials are due to the amount of work that is involved in its installation. With the right professional service group, however, you may find not just quality options for your patio project, but materials that flagstone options to meet your budget as well.

Why Choose Bunbury Landscaping To Help With Your Patio

Both flagstones and pavers can be beneficial options for your patio project. With different benefits come different considerations that can help match the best material for your project. However, to ensure a quality patio that is both stylish and functional, you will want to consider referring to Bunbury Landscaping for assistance. By choosing to have Bunbury Landscaping work on your patio, you can gain a group of professionals that can provide a hassle-free process and help determine what would best meet your patio needs.


A patio is a generally convenient outdoor feature that offers a large range of options in terms of design. Among the different options, you can have your patio made with, flagstones and pavers provide as choices for a more natural aesthetic. Either material can provide benefits for your patio depending on the different conditions of your project. Whether it be your design goal or budget needs, knowing what either material has to offer can help any design plans in the long run.