5 Benefits of Limestone Retaining Walls

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There are a number of different materials that you can choose to have your retaining wall constructed with. From the durability of concrete to the versatility of wood, different materials for retaining walls offer a variety of benefits. Among the different materials that can be chosen for this structure, however, a lesson known type are limestone retaining walls. Limestone retaining walls may not be as popular in comparison to other better-known types of retaining walls but there are plenty of benefits to gain when choosing this material for your retaining wall.

What do Limestone Walls Offer

As a stone type of material, you can be assured that limestone retaining walls will provide a sturdy structure for your landscape. More than its durability, however, limestone retaining walls have their own benefits like the following:


A notable benefit of limestone retaining walls that makes them different from other types is that it is a quarried type of stone. This means it is possible to come up with any shape or size since experts can cut it whatever they want. Thus it makes it easier to come up with consistent shapes for a smoother installation. Because of this, limestone also presents as an easy to handle construction material for your outdoor structure.

Option to Compliment Other Limestone Features

While limestone is not commonly used for retaining walls, it is a popular material for steps, a garden bed, paths, pools and even fire pits. With outdoor spaces, you can have the material applied to footpaths, stone benches and pavers or even cladding on the house. Should you decide to have a limestone retaining wall, you can create a theme with your outdoor space and present an elegant and uniform look.

High Visual Appeal

As a natural stone material that can come in a variety of shades, limestone retaining walls can either stand out or blend in with your landscape. When it comes to their cuts, limestone blocks or pavers are cut with diamond tip saws, and depending on what you require, the finish can be either rough or smooth. Given its natural beauty and versatility in shape, there are a number of different style options while still resulting in an elegant look for your retaining wall.

Heavy Durability

When considering limestone as a material for your retaining wall, you’ll find that it has a natural composition which gives it the resiliency needed for withstanding extreme weather conditions. Given that the material also requires very little maintenance, you can be assured that a limestone retaining wall can last up to decades or even more with the proper care and installation.


If you are interested in the different features and benefits a limestone retaining wall can offer you but worry about how it would affect your budget. You’ll find that as a natural type of material that can be installed with ease, there are different options with this material to match your budget needs. In addition to this, the overall beauty of this material can make for an investment for your property.

How Bunbury Landscaping Can Help

Though Bunbury Landscaping does not necessarily specialize in this type of retaining wall, you can refer to this professional service group for reliable consultation on quality materials. As a group that has worked on a variety of projects, you can be assured of open communication to help determine the best fitting material and style of retaining wall for your outdoor space. Otherwise, you can also refer to Bunbury Landscaping for quality options to take to meet your limestone retaining wall vision.


Limestone retaining walls may be a lesser-known type of retaining wall but there are a number of different benefits that you can gain from choosing this material. Whether you are looking for something sturdy and visually appealing or something that can help create a theme for your landscape, there are plenty of options to be gained with a limestone retaining wall.